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Headland was established as part of Weald Group in 1985 and has remained a wholly owned subsidiary of Weald since.

All property transactions carried out by Weald are effected through Headland which has over
the years established a strong presence in the market and a reputation for efficiency, reliability and a high quality product.

As evidenced on subsequent pages in this website, Headland seeks to purchase properties in
well established areas, principally in London. It pursues a conservative policy, in particular, by:-

(i) attempting to pursue a contrarian approach to the market and to anticipate accurately market trends;

(ii) taking a creative approach to projects that it considers are attractive, typically devising, before purchase, two or three different ways of carrying out a development; and

(iii) managing its exposure to individual sectors of the property market in order to ensure that it maintains a well balanced portfolio.

The Company maintains a low overhead cost structure and engages most necessary human and other resources on a project by project basis.

Its contra-cyclical attitude to the property market means that there are periods when the pace of its activities is subdued.

Headland has been consistently profitable since 1985 despite significant property downturns during that period.

Headland Weald Limited specialises in the purchase, development and/or sale of Central London and other residential and commercial properties, london, central london, property, development, sales, property development, residential, residential development, commercial, commercial development